MR. P!! live in Stockholm/sweden!!!

African crown Int and Scandafric entertainment are bringing to you a huge Musical festival with lots and lots of African artists to grace their stage. this year's celebration will be accompanied by events such as cultural dances, African fashion exhibitions, the music award ceremony and Miss African crown international coronation.

Miss Africa Crown Int is an event aimed at bringing out leadership qualities in women, and the winner becomes Miss Africa crown goodwill Ambassador. She designs and implements Charity programs based on her pageant platform.The music award ceremony, is aimed at showcasing talent of upcoming and new acts and awarding them in their various fields of arts. This is done by an award winning jury that appoints nominating bodies from all over the world with broad and profound knowlege about artists, music, African designs, music production in thier respective countries or regions. You don't want to miss out on this. There is also going to be stage performance from the major African entertainer and artist ''Mister P''!!, of the RnB Duo ''P-square'' who will be gracing the stage together with our most dilectable Charlene as host of the day. The event is going to take place live in Stockholm Sweden, on the 29th of June. If you are anywhere around Sweden, you won't want to miss out on this one because it's going to be spectacular. Get you tickets NOW!