Charlene will be hosting Cameroonians musical legend SAMY DIKO!

Nickynese Entertainment and Ashu Monaie production is bringing to you the first ever Edition of the ''Eleganz Glam Night'' taking place on the 21st of July at Factory Nightclub which is one of the biggest in Essen/Germany and has had Fally Ipupa grace the stage. There will be live Performance from Sammy Diko and music by Dj Kobi, Dj Commy, Dj Jackomoney and MC Jackomoney, with Charlene as your host for the night. In Charlenes words "we are taking it back to our roots" , so dont miss it.

Samy Diko, whose real names are ''Samuel Dikongue'', is a musician of Cameroonian origin, singer of Makossa and afro zouk, strolls from time to time in the Music world.

To his credit he has six albums and tours around the world.Best Cameroonian artist and best album of the year in 2000, 2001 and 2003, Best Cameroonian artist of the diaspora 2005 and 2006. Samy Diko made his first solo album, after leaving the group called "Les Sans Visas", of which he was the main singer. His album entitled "Mon Mari", made in 1997, was a great success.And it is dedicated to Cameroon "Musical Revelation", with more than 40,000 copies sold.

He is certainly a favorite art in the hearts of  Cameroonians, Samy Diko is one of those artists who is said to be charming.He made his first shot with the album ''Mon Mari" with which he got record of the year, the consecration comes next with "Evolution" an Album that made him the head of the series of new generation artists, then came, "Merci", "Perseverance", "Kotema", always with a concern for perfection.

 For tickets and table reservation Call 01524513110 OR 015754752062.