Charlene has been making headlines!!

Good Day Lovers of Charlene, I'm sure most of you will be versed already with the name Charlene by now, as she has been getting allot of love back from her country Cameroon. Charlene has had her name in some of the most prominent and popular Blogs and sites in Cameroon such as : Betatinz, Kamerlink magazine, The Hot jem magazine, critique site to name a few.

The response towards some of her fans in and out of the country has been really impressive as they are happy to see a young and aspiring lady lift her country's flag high.From the reactions of the people we conclusions to the love they have for her because shes a beautiful girl with brains and is pushful.

Charlene has become the talk on the lips of many. Cameroonians discovering a sister in the diaspora making them proud of where they come from, you could see comments like : Beaty with Brains, Kamer representing, Great job, we are proud, we want to know more about her, keep pushing Charlene etc.