My love for music and dance!!!!

Today we will be talking about my love for dance and music. Music and dance are the two most important arts i hold really close to my heart as they comfort and keep me happy and excited. Music revives my soul and each time a sweet melodious song comes on, Afrobeat most especially ''OMG'' i just let it out.

I recall one of my hangouts with my girls and when this really hot song came up I went all crazy and people around were like ''is she ok'' ? Hahahahahahaaa, all what my friends could say is '' she's sober, music is her own alcohol''. Yes that’s how crazy i can get when it comes to Music. Concerning my dance, its something i had passion for since i was a kid, as i will go in for dance competitions and won a couple of them. Been literally dancing all my life. I actually think i came into this world dancing. Doesn’t matter what song is playing i can always break down a move or two cuz dancing makes me happy. I started dancing hip hop at a young age, then I tried dancing house but that wasn’t for me. Although I could dance Afro dance because the moves just live in me. But that wasn’t enough. So i decided to learn more dances. I learned Kizomba which is a very sensual dance that has its origin from Angola. After kizomba i was like lets just go on and learn most of the latin dances. so i learned reggaeton, salsa and bachata. later i was approached by a dance company, to teach my own Reggaenton dance class. Apparently i had crazy moves and amazing communication-skills and a loveable personality, not my words but theirs;) I was like hell yeah!!!!!! and thats how i became a reggaetón dance instructor. Then later because of my love for working out, dance and afro music i decided to create my own fitness dance class called Afro Zumba!!!!!!!!!!!!Afro Zumba is something i came up with fusing african dance steps with zumba. My love for Afro Zumba comes with the love I have for afro music and afrobeat as a whole. I have a special love for music and afro beats when that special song comes on, I can’t help but to shake that BOOTY and WHINE that waist!! What is life without music? I cant imagine.